WARNING: This contains the Bambi triggers, if you are a Bambi, you will be reading the triggers, and they may have an effect on you. If you don’t want this to happen, don’t read ahead. This list may be incomplete as new files/triggers are released regularly.

Bambi’s Trigger List:

BIMBO DOLL: Takes you to the induction state

BAMBI: The name triggers happiness

GOOD GIRL: Deepening trigger/happiness

BAMBI SLEEP: Sleep trigger, brings forward Bambi

BAMBI UNIFORM LOCK: Prevents undressing even while sucking (length of time not specified, just says it gets longer each time). Attempting to force removal will cause you to go

DROP FOR COCK: Your mouth opens for cock, and your knees buckle.

BAMBI FREEZE: Body and mind lock – no movement or thoughts

BAMBI LIMP: Your body falls completely limp, unresponsive. Your legs fall apart, so they are open. Resistance causes you to go limper

BAMBI RESET: You stay as Bambi and do not come out of trance. Your mind and body return to normal, but you remain as Bambi.

ZAP COCK DRAIN OBEY: Your thoughts are sucking cock. That’s right, that internal voice of yours just sucks cock.

GIGGLE TIME: Bambi uncontrollably starts to giggle, making her mind weak.

COCK ZOMBIE NOW: Bambi’s mind goes on complete lock-down, she cannot think of anything other than cock, she goes limp, her mouth goes open, and she becomes a cock zombie

The following change’s your perception of your body:
TITS LOCK: Bambi’s tits grow to bimbo size
LIPS LOCK: Bambi’s lips are plump and juicy
FACE LOCK: Bambi’s face is sexy and soft
WAIST LOCK: Bambi’s waist is small and sexy
HIPS LOCK: Bambi’s hips grow large
BUTT LOCK: Bambi’s butt grows large and round
CUNT LOCK: Bambi’s clit becomes a cunt, which is wet and horny
LIMBS LOCK: Bambi’s muscles in her limbs shrink and she is weak like a kitten
THROAT LOCK: Bambi’s throat is open and ready for cock
POSTURE LOCK: Bambi’s posture is; Shoulders back, back straight, elbows close, tits forward, butt up, wrists float, neck straight, head held high, mouth open, sleepy eyes.

PRIMPED AND PAMPERED: If Bambi isn’t wearing makeup or doesn’t look desirable enough, she feels so anxious, he mind screaming. But if she is sexy and desirable (wearing sexy
clothing and makeup) then she feels amazing, her clit squeezing as she puts on perfume and makeup.

BAMBI CUM AND COLLAPSE: Bambi cums, she cums for a long time, she feels very, very horny, and her body collapses, limp. She cums without even touching.

Wearing her Bambi uniform (which is anything girly and sexy) makes her dumb and horny and her body is bimbo-esque. It controls her movements too.

These are triggers which are noises rather words:

The sound of car windshield wipers wipes away her thoughts and makes her dumb.

There is a connection between the sound of a balloon being blown up and her thoughts entering a bubble, which will pop.

Almost every trigger has a finger snap sound, and a moan.