This is a new set of add-on tracks for the Bambi Fuckdoll Brainwash session. It contains no induction or awakener. The tracks focus on physical and mental conditioning, and are designed to be used with the Bambi Fuckdoll Brainwash tracks as part of a playlist.

Supporters of Bambi Sleep on Patreon have had access to these tracks for a few weeks already.

Track Listing

01 Fake Horny Fuckpuppet
Bambi is put to sleep and placed in a transformation tank. She is turned into a fake plastic fuckpuppet. She is given bolted-on tits and lips and other extreme body modifications. Her cunt is made permanently desperate to be filled and her posture is enforced. These changes are locked in place with powerful triggers.

02 Designer Pleasure Puppet
Bambi is conditioned to feel deep distress whenever she is not perfectly dolled up in full uniform and make-up. She is vain and obsessed with her appearance. She craves to be dressed to please in tight, slutty, designer clothing. Feelings of extreme pleasure and bimbo bliss are associated with wearing heels, heavy make-up and fashionable clothing.


03 Bimbo Fuckpuppet Oblivion
Bambi is strapped into a brainwashing machine. Her mind is pacified and eradicated. Her memories and thoughts are replaced. Any ability to resist her conditioning is removed. Heavy restrictions are placed on her intelligence and free will. Bambi learns to put the old self to sleep completely and is placed in a helpless subconscious feedback loop that keeps it permanently unaware and under control whenever she is in uniform. This track is about 35 minutes long, and can also double as a powerful deepener. The strongest Bambi experience yet. Be careful.



Click here for a zip archive of all the tracks. They are intended to be used with the Bambi Fuck doll Brainwash induction and awakener. Alternatively, the tracks can be downloaded individually:

01 Fake Plastic Fuckpuppet
02 Designer Pleasure Puppet
03 Bimbo Fuckpuppet Oblivion