Bambi Sleep Sessions

  • Bambi Bimbo Doll Conditioning – The files that got the craze started. These are the files that all aspiring bambi sleep listeners will start with. These files will help you trance quicker and deeper as well as create the triggers which will be built upon later.


  • Bambi Fuck Doll Brainwash – The sequel to the first session. These will build off of the starter files and as such the listener should have a firm grasp on those first.
    • Add-Ons:
      • Bambi Fucktoy Fantasy – Transformation tracks that will transform Bambi into a blow-up doll, maid, or bimbo cow.
      • Bambi Fucktoy Submission – Extreme submission tracks that will help Bambi become a giggly little bimbo and/or a crazed cock sucking puppet.
      • Bambi Fuck Puppet Freedom – Tracks for making Bambi into an even better bimbo doll by changing her physical and mental appearance.
  • Bambi Training Loops – Created to keep Bambi’s conditioning strong. Some files don’t put the listener to sleep and therefore can be used at work.
  • Bambi Enforcement – Shorter tracks that will take all previous training and improve upon it.