What is Bambi Sleep?

Bambi Sleep is a collection of intense feminization and bimbofication hypnosis recordings designed to turn the listener into a bimbo girl called Bambi. They are hardcore adult erotic recordings and should not be listened to by minors.

Are the sessions free?

Yes, all sessions on the Bambi Sleep blog are completely free for everyone. There is a Bambi Sleep Patreon where new session are available to supporters a week or two early, but everything becomes available for free after and there are no plans to change that.

How are the sessions voiced?

The sessions are voiced by a high-quality female text-to-speech voice.

Are the sessions for men or women?

The Bambi Sleep sessions will be effective for anyone who wants to become a sexy bimbo girl, regardless of original gender.

All sessions at Bambi Sleep have heavy feminization elements particularly designed to enforce femininity and transform the listener into a very good girl. However, they are not “sissy” hypnosis. Suggestions are worded to be gender-neutral throughout and there are no explicit references to the listener’s previous gender or anatomy.

Be aware that the sessions do associate many powerful triggers with being dressed in sexy feminine clothing. To avoid the effects being linked to their day-to-day attire, subjects who identify as female are recommended to listen while dressed in clothing they find sexier or more provocative than their everyday wear.

Are the sessions suitable for trans-women?

Many transgender listeners report enjoying the sessions. They are free of explicit humiliation and other “sissy” themes typical of this kind of material. However, the author is neither transgender nor an expert in gender dysphoria, and the content is nevertheless not exactly empowering. As always, use your own judgement.

What themes do the sessions involve?

The sessions cover many topics including obedience, amensia, personality erasure, mind control, IQ reduction, body transformation, desire and addiction, clothing, make-up, high heels, posture, mannerisms, voice, cocksucking, orgasm and pleasure triggers, and a variety of enforcement techniques.

Though the subject’s receptiveness to hypnotic control will be massively deepened, there is no suggestion of submission to any one hypnotist in particular. Unlike some other feminization-focused recordings, the tone is generally positive: there is little humiliation; no mention of the listener being a “sissy” or other degrading terms; no impotence suggestions or attempt to changes the listener’s sexuality; and all suggestions are presented in an encouraging and pleasurable way. The sessions are really aimed at listeners who want to feel like a real bimbo girl rather than a feminized man.

Are the effects permanent?

Although the main transformation effects are powerful, they are not necessarily permanent. The listener will become Bambi only when dressed as a bimbo in sexy feminine clothing. It’s advised listening to the sessions while dressed up as a bimbo: the sessions expect the listener to become Bambi for their duration, and it’s important to properly link this transformation to the wearing of her uniform. Some addiction to the training and lasting desire to dress as a bimbo is to be expected. Don’t let the temporary nature of the transformation fool you: the effects are intense and repeated listening will result in drastic changes when triggered.

The sessions do include words like “permanent” and “forever”, but this is always tied back to the clothing trigger, and the context is left vague enough that it can be interpreted according to the desires of the listener. The wording and nature of hypnosis is such that it should have the desired effect for any subject, no matter what level of commitment they wish to make. If the subject wants a temporary experience, they can interpret “permanent” as meaning “permanently triggerable” or “permanent when Bambi”; if they desire a genuinely permanent bimbo transformation, Bambi Sleep will certainly help that along.

How should the sessions be listened to?

Consult the session guide to find out in what order the tracks should be listened to. The main conditioning sessions should be given the listener’s sole attention, and be listened to while sitting or lying down in a comfortable place without distractions. The sessions will not have the proper effect if listened to while doing other things or while actually asleep. In particular, the listener should not masturbate during the sessions. The listener should try to be as still and relaxed as possible, concentrate on their breathing, follow the instructions, and not worry about whether or not the hypnosis is working.

For best results, the listener should always be dressed in tight, slutty bimbo clothing while listening. This is also important in order to make sure the effects are properly linked to the trigger of being dressed up.

I’ve listened to the sessions but I’m not getting any results. What gives?

First off, the easiest way to be sure you won’t get any results is to go into the sessions with a negative attitude or the expectation that it won’t work. These are powerful hypnosis sessions, but they’re not magic. Real hypnosis requires dedication and commitment. Always think positive thoughts. Wanting it to work and believing that it will work is essential. Don’t let yourself start thinking “it’s not working” if a suggestion doesn’t affect you immediately. Instead, follow all the instructions, try to play along, and, with practice, the responses will start to become automatic.

Secondly, this is real hypnosis, not a masturbatory aid. The sessions are designed to switch off your mind so you can be deeply programmed. As arousing as the audio might be, you will not be able to enter deep trance while masturbating, smoking, or doing anything else that keeps your mind active. (The training loops can be listened to while doing other things, but these mostly just reaffirm the conditioning from the proper sessions and won’t do much on their own.) If you want real results, you need to give the audio your full attention. Listen on good headphones while sitting or lying down comfortably, in a darkened room, with your eyes closed, or perhaps while watching something soothing and repetitive like a hypnotic spiral. Try to move as little as possible. Clear your mind and focus on the words.

If you have an active mind and are prone to being distracted by other thoughts, don’t actively try to push them out; simply refocus your attention on the words and let those thoughts fade naturally. Thinking about your breathing or just repeating each sentence back in your mind as your hear it can also help.

Everyone responds in different ways, and not everyone is easily susceptible to hypnosis. However, with time, practice, and the right mindset, anyone should be able to achieve results. Try listening at different times, in different positions, or after a drink or two (not too many) or something else. Try some of the more advanced sessions if the entry-level ones have grown stale. You’ll get there eventually.

Will you do a track about X?

If X is something that interests the author, maybe. Leave a comment and the idea could get incorporated into something. No promises, there’s a lot of things still to be worked on.

As mentioned above, this is (gender-neutral) bimbo transformation hypnosis, not explicitly “sissy” material. If X is chastity, impotence, eating your own cum, or similar, it’s probably not going to happen, sorry.

Do you do custom sessions?

Not at this time.


The sessions are used at the subject’s own risk. Listeners accustomed to typical feminization or bimbofication content may be surprised by their strength. This is real hypnosis and they are powerful, so please be sure this is what you want.